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The Outstanding Guideline To ROPP Capping Machine

What is Ropp Cap / Closures?

First, let us understand regarding the ROPP Closure. The Full form of the ROPP Cap is Roll-on-Pilfer-Proof Caps.

ROPP Caps are generally made from Aluminium Material. ROPP Caps offer a high level of Protection / tamper proof Security & provide an appropriate and easiest way to seal bottle.

Conventional ROPP Caps are available in sizes from 18 mm to 38 mm diameter.


Machinery for sealing ROPP Cap over the Bottle:

The Machinery used to apply & Seal ROPP Cap on bottle is known as ROPP Capping machine. Sometime, they are also referred as ROPP Cap Sealing Machine & ROPP Capper. There are wide varieties of ROPP Capping Machine available in Market and Prospect buyer must select the ROPP Capper considering the various parameters keeping in mind which we will discussed in this blog later on.



The ROPP Cap Sealing Machine is composed of 7 Major assemblies which are as below:

  • MAIN BODY : This is outer enclosure of Machine made from fine grade of SS 304 material. Transmission Assembly, Feed worm drive Assembly etc are inside the standard frame. Conveyor Assembly, Mechanical Feed worm assembly, Capping turret assembly is mounted on Top Plate.
  • MAIN DRIVE MECHANISM : Main Drive Mechanical consist of main worm gear box coupled with motor which generally drive the capping turret unit.
  • CONVEYOR ASSEMBLY : Conveyor is mounted on the top where bottles are normally put in the machine or it is generally integrated with the upstream machine in order to receive the bottle continuously for ROPP Capping.
  • FEED WORM ASSEMBLY : Feed worm assembly separate the bottles as required in the machine.
  • BOTTLE STAR WHEEL ASSEMBLY : It is generally composed of in feed star wheel, centre star wheel, Exit star wheel.
  • CAPPING TURRET ASSEMBLY : It is a main part of the machine, where actual capping operation is done. on which ROPP Capping head are mounted.
  • CAP FEEDER ASSEMBLY : Cap feeder assembly composed of Cap feeder vibrator where ROPP Caps are stored in mass and this unit orient the cap in right direction then through shut, ROPP Cap taken to capping unit and place on the bottle.


There are different types of ROPP Capping Machine available in the market and sealing / Capping methodology is almost same. Though, for sake of the clarity, we will take multi head ROPP Capping Machine as example and will see the sequence of working as how the ROPP type of sealing is executed in normal production environment.

  1. Bottles are continuously fed from upstream machine to the conveyor belt of ROPP Capping Machine and move further through in feed worm assembly for correct spacing between two bottles and transferred to the in-feed star wheel.
  2. ROPP caps are stored in cap feeder unit which is generally vibratory unit which automatically orient caps in right direction before entering into delivery Shute. Parallel, Bottle is entering below the sealing head which is consist of total four rollers.
  3. Two rollers properly Skirts, Spins and Seals the cap and simultaneously another two roller performs perfect threading according to neck diameter of Bottle.
  4. After sealing operation, sealing head moves upward with help of cam and bottle move with exit star wheel and move further on conveyor belt for next operation.



There are various kind of ROPP Capping Machine are available in market as per production requirement of Customer.

Semi Automatic ROPP Capping Machine: This is the entry model. Here bottles are required to put manually below Sealing head. Motorized sealing head will execute the ROPP Sealing. The achievable speed is approximately 20 Bottle per minutes depending upon the human efficiency. This model is most suited for start up where production demand is low but qualitative ROPP Sealing Quality is required.

Automatic Single Head ROPP Capping Machine: This machine is composed with conveyor assembly and single capping head in mounted in turret assembly. The achievable speed is around 50 Bottles per minute depending upon the bottle diameter and height.

Automatic Multi head ROPP Capping Machine: These are rotary model and available in 4 head, 6 head, 8 head, 10 head and 12 head configurations. The achievable speed is around 60 Bottle per minute to 300 Bottle per minute.


Factors to consider while choosing the ROPP Capping Machine:

The customer must consider following factors / parameter before buying the ROPP Capping machine or customer must inform regarding the below parameter to manufacturer of machine as this information is must for manufacturer to configure the perfect ROPP Capping Machine to satisfy as well as to deliver the perfect ROPP Capper to client / customer.

  • Does customer want semi automatic or Automatic Machine?
  • What is the Cap diameter and corresponding bottle diameter and height?
  • What is the speed requirement (Like number of Bottle per minute)?
  • Degree of automation required in Machine. (PLC-HMI Interface, 21CFRPART 11 compliance etc)


About Technogen Enterprise:

Technogen Enterprise is leading manufacturer of various type of Capping Machine like ROPP Capping Machine, Screw Capping Machine, Vial Capping Machine and Lug Capping Machine for wide range of industries.

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