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Understanding The Mechanics Of A Cap Feeder Elevator

The cap feeder elevator is designed to efficiently provide caps to another downstream machine. Through processes such as conveyance, sorting, and accumulation, it is able to quickly deliver caps / closures to the desired downstream station. Learn more about how this machine works with its various mechanical components here.


Introduction to Cap Feeder Elevators.

A cap feeder elevator is a mechanized device used for delivering container’s closures to a loading station like capping machine.  It addresses the problems of slow production caused by manual handling of caps, ensures proper sorting and orientation of caps for efficient loading in to capping machine, and also keeps feeding costs at a minimum by reducing the human intervention of loading cap. The process begins with cap and closure are loaded in mass into storage silo of elevator. Afterward caps / closures move upward on inclined modular plastic conveyor. While moving on the upward direction, cap which are not correctly orientated are fallen down back to storage silo using centre of gravity difference and correct oriented then transferred through other stainless steel channel (Known as Cap chute) to the downstream machine.


Understanding the Structure of a Cap Feeder Elevator.

A cap feeder elevator typically has a frame made of stainless steel 304 material with casters wheel for easy transportation.  Cap transport conveyor is generally made from plastic modular belt for long life operation. There is a large top access panel for easy cleaning and maintenance and the parts of the elevator are connected by multiple hinge joints for durability and simple adjustment.


Identifying the Main Components of a Cap Feeder Elevator.

A cap feeder elevator contains a few essential components including a Storage silo for cap, inclined conveyor made of plastic modular belt, Cap chute drop assembly, and electric panel consist of variable frequency drive for speed variation. . The hopper / storage silo is the primary component used to store incoming caps, while inclined conveyor ensures that all caps enter and move through the system evenly in correct orientation. While the cap chute drop assembly allows for easy distribution of the acceptable caps into next downstream machine for further capping, inspection or packaging.


Role of the Electric and Pneumatic component in Cap Feeder Elevator.

In addition to the main mechanical components outlined above, a cap feeder elevator contains a worm gear box with motor. This motor coupled with gear box drive the whole cap feeder elevator. The speed of the unit is controlled using sensor less variable frequency drive. At top side of the elevator, system contain air nozzle which forces the cap to go in cap Shute.  There is a special fiber optic sensor is installed on the cap Shute and it work in unison with air nozzle and control system of elevator unit. when cap / closures  are less in the Shute then machine automatically get start through control system and when cap Shute is full of closure then it stop the unit which result in power saving.


Knowing the Safety Mechanism Embedded in Cap Feeders.

Cap feeder elevators provide a secure process for moving and handling small objects, like caps. For example, the machine is equipped with end guards that provide physical barriers from touching any of its sharp edges or moving components when it is operating. In addition, most feeder elevators also come with emergency stop buttons which instantly shut down the system in case of any safety hazards. Additionally, protective covers can also be attached to the device for further protection if required.

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