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What Is Double Cone Blender & How To Choose One?

What is a Double Cone Blender & How to Choose One?

A double cone blender is an industrial mixing machine used in wide varieties of industries, such as food and pharmaceutical industries, for combining dry powders and granules. It is known for its superior accuracy and versatility compared to other mixer types, as well as its ability to blend at a low revolution per minute of blender. In this guide, we’ll show you how to select the right double cone blender for your needs and offer essential tips on operation, use of ingredients, benefits, and more.

What is a Double Cone Blender?

A double cone blender is an industrial mixing machine used wide varieties of industries such as food and pharmaceutical industries. It comprises two symmetrical cone-cylindrical shaped units positioned on a base and connected to a drive mechanism. The blenders run in a slow, rotational motion at controlled speeds, designed to blend ingredients without damaging them. This mixer is ideal for producing homogenous blends with precision accuracy. These ranges of Double cone blender can mix solids of different bulk densities and percentage in different ratio.

Operational Principles of Double Cone Blenders

Double cone blenders work on the principle of consolidation and intermixing. As ingredients are loaded into the mixing chamber, controlled rotation of the cones gently combines them. The result is homogeneous mix as all components of blend come into contact with each other during mixing. Single-point contact between solids within the chamber prevents damage to them and helps maintain ingredient integrity.

Capacities of Double Cone Blenders

Double Cone blender come in different capacities, likewise 10 KG to 300 KG. More capacities of mixing can be done on a special case basis according to mixing needs.

Benefits of Double Cone Blenders

Double cone blenders offer several benefits in mixing. They are efficient, often able to thoroughly blend ingredients in only a few minutes. They have adjustable settings that allow you to regulate the length of time ingredients spend in contact with each other, providing perfect blends. Since the ingredients stay stationary during blending, there is little wear and tear or product degradation on them. This makes double cone blenders ideal for delicate products such as pharmaceuticals, chemical compounds, and pet foods. It is most suitable for blending of ingredient such as pharmaceutical granules, semolina flour, seeds, starch, coffee beans and ground coffee, cocoa, chocolate flakes or granules, powdered milk, baby food, preparations to make dehydrated soups and creams, leaf waxes, detergent granules, soap flakes, artificial fertilizers, plastic in powder, ground or pellet form, fiberglass, etc. Double cone blenders are easy to maintain and clean. There is no chance of mixing ingredient getting stuck in the machine.                                

Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Double Cone Blender

When selecting the perfect double cone blender, always consider your process and production needs. Be sure to look for features such as adjustable speed of rotation of cone. This is achieved with the use of variable frequency drive. Pay attention to the size of the mixer; it needs to be able to accommodate both batch size and ingredient volume. Finally, determine appropriate safety protocols and make sure that the mixer is built with those protocols in mind before you make a purchase.

Maintenance Considerations for Long-Lasting Results

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your double cone blender is essential to ensure its longevity and efficiency. During routine operation, use only clean-sanitized tools and ingredients. Regularly clean the all machine parts with dry lint free cloth. Clean the double cone blender thoroughly after each batch with specialized equipment such as CIP (clean-in-place) systems. Regularly inspect the blender for any damage or corrosion and replace worn parts immediately to maximize safety and performance. Lastly, store all ingredients in hygienic containers that are airtight for safety, accuracy, and freshness.

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