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What Is Labeling Machine Commonly Used In Packaging Solution?

Synopsis of Labeling Machine

  • Labeling Machine plays a very important role in packaging section of any industries such as pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic, etc.
  • Product packaging, identification, presentation, and traceability are dependent on labels.
  • The labels give important information regarding the product to its end user.
  • Tracking of products in the supply chain can be done with labels.
  • This article shall look at diverse labeling machinery.

Labeling Machine:

  • The Labeling Machine can apply labels to products. It is known as a sticker labeling machine.
  • Most commercial products have attached labels during their packaging, and that's why a labeling machine has a wide range of applications.
  • Labeling Machine Can attach / apply / paste the self-adhesive label on products such as Vial, Glass Bottle, Plastic Bottles, cartons, tube, Flat bottle, cases, and pallets.
  • The Labeling Machine is used in industries likewise Pharmaceuticals, Distilleries & Breweries, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Lube & Edible Oil, Pesticides Food & Ancillaries, Mineral water, Cosmetic, Ayurveda, Nutraceutical, home and office, electronics and many others.

Labeling machine are classified based on level of automation such as Semi Automatic Labeling Machine and Automatic Labeling Machine.

In a Semi Automatic Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine, labeling is done with the help of human initiation.

  • Operator put the Product in labeling machine, then the labeling began either through foot switch or hand switch and the label is applied on the product.
  • Once the labelling is completed, the person / operator has to remove the labelled product.
  • These types of Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine are useful in start-up industries where production demand is low and quality labeling is achieved at a nominal capital cost.
  • Speed is depends upon the human efficiency, though 20 bottles per minute speed can be achieved.

In an Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine, labeling is executed by machines with the nominal intervention of an operator.

  • Automatic Labeling Machine are of many types, such as Round Bottle Labeling Machine, Double Side Labeling Machine for Flat Bottle, Automatic Top Side Labeling Machine, etc.
  • In Automatic sticker Labeling Machine, Bottle is fed on the in feed conveyor of the machine and label roll in placed on the Label applicator.
  • After that, it will be separated by the feeding roller assembly to keep the pre-determined space between the two containers according to the label length and container diameter.
  • The container sensor will detect the label when placed on the container.
  • It ensures instant adhesive of the label’s edge.
  • Afterward, it passes through the pressing unit, resulting in precise registration and crease-free application.
  • Automatic labeling machinery is ideal for high production volumes and applications where label accuracy is essential.


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